Motorised “Movable” Louvers System

Welcome to a NEW era of outdoor shades. The latest innovative and exquisite answer to your outdoor shades needs. Our "Movable" louvers system not only provide shade from rain and sun but also integrates with your surrounding thus complementing with the ambience. Our "Movable" louvers system can be incorporated into a range of structures. The louvers can either be free-standing or be part of an existing building.


Although our louvers (which can be called as louvre or pergola in other parts of the world) can be powder coated to any colour of our client's choice so that they not only be aesthetic looking but are able to blend and integrate with the surrounding.

By incorporating the louvers to your home, office, factory, and restaurant or even to any of your client's designs or renovation projects, you will be able to experience the full potential of the benefits the "Movable" louvers system has to offer to our clients namely Sunshade and Rain Protection.

Our "Movable" louvers made of either pre-coated superior quality sheet metal or BHP zincalume colorbond steel also come with a 5 Years limited Warranty period on the louvers against manufacturing defects. (Terms & conditions apply).

Our "Movable" louvers are constructed from a solid timber or steel frame and features all required gutting and down pipes.

Our "Movable" louvers also enjoy an unmatched profile in the world transforming and enhancing outdoor spaces for people. An innovative and fully motorise adjustable roofing system that comprises of opening and closing interlocking louvers.

What is BHP Zincalume Colorbond Steel?

COLORBOND is the registered trademark for the prepainted steel product manufactured by BHP Flat Products Division. It consists of an oven baked paint system that is applied to ZINCALUME zinc/aluminium alloy coated steel. ZINCALUME steel combines the superior corrosion resistance of aluminium with the cut-edge protection of zinc. The coating system on COLORBOND steel includes a conversion coating, a corrosion inhibitive primer and a high performance exterior finish.

Launched in 1976, after intensive research and development, ZINCALUME® steel continues to set the standards for corrosion resistance and long life. It's been proven to stand the test of time because it was designed to withstand the rigours of conditions.

Long Lifespan

ZINCALUME® steel was developed after extensive research into improving the traditional performance of galvanised steel. By blending aluminium with zinc in an alloy coating, Bethlehem Steel researchers discovered a way to greatly enhance corrosion resistance.

BlueScope Lysaght researchers enhanced the production process. As a result, our extensive testing programme indicates that ZINCALUME® steel's lifespan is up to four times that of ordinary galvanised steel.

Cost Effective

Lightweight, versatile and durable, ZINCALUME® steel is the smart building choice, delivering long-lasting performance at a cost-competitive price. That's why, for two decades leading architects, engineers and manufacturers have put ZINCALUME® steel to work on everything from industrial buildings, steel framing and home appliances through to garage doors, guttering and roofing. Places in Singapore where BHP Zincalume Colorbond Steel is used:

  1. Singapore Exposition Halls 7 to 10
  2. Changi International Airport, Terminal 2


Heat & Light Control

Allows maximum natural light, full shade or diffused lighting by adjusting the angle of louvers creating variable light and shading. You can save on household heating and cooling expenses by using the "Movable" louvers unique adjustable features.


The aerofoil shaped louver, and movement, ensures that the flow of air con be totally controlled when opening and closing the "Movable" louvers system.


The unique design "Movable" louvers panel provides for both thermal insulation and sound reduction.


The "Movable" louvers will provide the suitable computerised control system for needs such as sun path, wind speed, fire hazard and air flow ventilation.


Specially designed gutters are in-built to ensure the louvers structure and water is safely run off into down pipes.

Motor/Switch/Control Box & Rain Sensor

An efficient and durable 12V DC Motor drive is powered by 220V supply, ensures the movement of the louvers opening and closing. The system can be equipped with either a manual switch or remote control which enables the louvers to seamlessly move from 0 to more than 120 degrees incline. The whole driving mechanism is very simple with minimal wear on components.

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This award was given in recognition by the Singapore Statutory Board (the inter-government body made up out of various ministerial departments).

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