Our Team

We at Gill5 Enterprise are a one stop organization that not only provides service solutions and caters to the needs of it’s clients but also is an organisation that provides integrated consultancy and development services to all industries in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific Region.

With more than a combined 2 decades of working experience in the Sales & Marketing, HR and Construction Industry, we work tirelessly to assist our clients in attaining the best solutions possible for their business needs.

Our established, diversified, and yet resourceful network have over time not only serve our clients but also won accolades for the service rendered to them.

To achieve this, we have 2 divisions (Business Marketing & Operations) to concentrate on the different aspects of our business obligations.


Listed below are our wide arrays of services that we offer to our clients.

(A) Business Marketing

*  Web Marketing (SEO, SEM, Facebook Marketing)

*  Branding

(B) Training & Workshops

*   Lunch Time talks on Workplace Safety &Health

*   1 Day Workshop of Workplace Safety &Health

*   Motivational/Public Speaking