Our Team

Richard Gill

It all started way back in Aug 2008 by Richard Gill as a small business providing Consultancy services in the Construction Industry providing Consultative expertise for projects where Outdoor Shades and than eventually dealing in Workplace Safety and Health until in July 2014.

Since than, Richard have expanded and diversified  its operation to provide local businesses and SMEs with more professional and specialized services that are crucial to the success of any business in today’s world, that is Business Marketing and Branding.

Richard brings with him a wealth of experience to Fortune96. Having a collective 25 years of working experience in various industries like Government Agencies (Education and Defence), Human Resource and Construction sectors, Richard have also over the years attained the following achievements to add to his ever growing credentials.

  • Successful Entrepreneur in 2010
  • Singapore Brands Award in 2011
  • Singapore Outstanding Enterprise in 2011
  • Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award in 2011
  • Circle of  Excellence Award in 2011 and 2012